Pallet Wrapper 4505-3

Pallet Wrapper 4505-3 ini memiliki Turntable motor 0.75 kw, Film-rack lift motor 0.18 kw. Serta Diameter of turntable:1500mm, Turntable speed:1-10 cycles/Minute. Juga memiliki Max pallet weight 1500 kg.

Control System:PLC+ Screen control
Diameter of turntable:1500mm
Max pallet height:2100mm
Max pallet weight:1500kg
Film reel inside diameter:75mm
Film reel outside diameter:250mm
Turntable speed:1-10 cycles/Minute
Turntable height:80mm
Turntable motor:0.75kw
Film-rack lift motor:0.18kw
Power supply:220V 50HZ 1Phase
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